Zashadu | Best Quality Clutches and Shoulder Bags

Zashadu | Best Quality Clutches and Shoulder Bags

It’s no secret that women have a love affair when it comes to their shoes and handbags.

The better quality they are, the more they want them.

In a world where fashion rules the internet, finding quality bags have become a little simpler, but there are still unique and fashionable bags that are available for the experienced and knowledgeable buyer.

For example, the the high-quality, sleek bags found on Zashadu, a website dedicated to bringing women the best quality clutches and shoulder bags.

Introducing — Zashadu

Offering purses of multiple styles, sizes and colors, this start-up company is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible for your online purse shopping needs.

Zashadu is a British and Nigerian luxury brand that creates hand-crafted leather purses and bags.

Part of its charm is that everything they use for their bags is locally sourced, including styles and techniques that have been passed down through generations in a community of local artists and craftsmen.

Their company is based out of Lagos, Nigeria, and the Nigerian culture can be seen in the craftsmanship of each handcrafted bag.

They focus on exploring the combination of elegance and glamour in each of their pieces, creating each one to have a carefully tested combination of leather and/or exotic skins, and rough cut precious stones that are set in brass.

This careful process of the ratio between leather and bling is to ensure that each bag is able to show off the beautiful pieces of leather that make these bags so unique and eye-catching.

You Can Buy Online

The online store, found at, is packed with different styled clutches and shoulder bags that give each purchaser a unique and personal bag that no one else will have.

All of these bags are limited editions due to their high quality and handcrafted designs.

The best part about this beautiful bags is their individuality.

Handcrafted bags are always popular, and these ones are even more so, due to the fact that the creators spend so much time to ensure the bags have the perfect balance between jewelry and leather.

Meet the Curator and Founder

The creator of Zashadu is Zainab Ashadu, who has a background in curatorship, architecture, acting and fashion styling.

She used her diverse educational background to help her create her love of handbags into a career in selling designer, high quality handbags.

She has worked hard at perfecting the craft, including studying at the London College of Fashion.

Her accomplishments include her role as the Curator of African Artists’ Foundation in Lagos from 2009-2012.

The combination of good business sense from Zainab Ashadu and the handcrafted, high quality pieces that are created with local inspiration from experienced artisans combine to make a wonderful startup business that is accessible to anyone through their user-friendly website.

The shopping experience is pleasant and the bags are well worth the money.

You get What You Pay For

High quality pays for itself, after all, and all of the pieces available through Zashadu meet that criteria and then some.

Whether you make a one time purchase from this emerging company, or are a regular purchaser, you will never be disappointed.


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