Tunde Wey | Traveling Nigerian Chef

Tunde Wey | Traveling Nigerian Chef

Since our email filters were tightened up a few years ago, the number of entreaties I receive from Nigerians has dropped considerably.

One that made its way through came from a chef, Tunde Wey. He sought attention, not my bank account number.

Wey, 31, born in Lagos and living in Detroit for the last 14 years, co-founded a restaurant in Hamtramck, Mich., called (revolver) that rotates guest chefs every weekend.

Wey also cooked pop-up Nigerian dinners, based on the Yoruba and Igbo food of his youth.

Starting the Cooking City Tour

Nigerian rice dish

Nigerian Rice Dish–Yum! | Photo credit: Iqbal Osman1 / Foter / CC BY

After selling off his shares in (revolver), Wey began he called a haphazard cooking tour of the cities he had always dreamed of seeing. Have goat, will travel.

First stop was New Orleans, then Chicago, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Washington, D.C. and – at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 12, the Sabrina’s Cafe location at 1804 Callowhill St.

(Wey, who had found his way to Sabrina’s owner Robert De Abreu through a friend, wraps in New York.)

For $45, patrons will get a feast including jollof rice, asun (peppered goat), goat pepper soup, egusi (melon seed and spinach stew), isi ewu (stewed goat head), and fried plantains.


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