Startup Spotlight: Dr. Chioma Agha, Founder of Swish Ideas | Nigeria’s premier online gift and souvenir company

Startup Spotlight: Dr. Chioma Agha, Founder of Swish Ideas | Nigeria’s premier online gift and souvenir company

They may not have this in mind but they surely deliver products at lighting speed.

Swish ideas cater to what customers need and want. They often come out on top when they commit to delivering products quickly and inexpensively.

Not only have they managed to deliver these products at lighting speed, their product merchandising is always updated to provide its customers with fresh and new product offerings at all times.

Starting the 15Q’s

We were so thrilled to get our rapid 15Q’s to Swish and get an in depth look on their thoughts, goals and were they are headed in the future.

It reminded our staff that businesses always came from someone’s dream who was brave enough to step out and make it into a reality.

We hope that Swish will inspire you to dream big and act on it bigger than you can ever dream of.

About Swish Ideas: Swish Ideas is an online boutique that specializes in souvenirs, gifts, and keepsakes. The online store provides a variety of presents and mementos for any type of occasion.

The wide selections offers something for everybody and is constantly being updated to include new and different options.

Customers have used Swish to purchase birthday presents, wedding and party favors, and unique gifts for other special occasions.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Swish Ideas holds itself to a high standard of operation.

Their primary goal is to keep their customers happy and they work toward this goal by offering quality products and superb customer service.

They also have a money back guarantee, to assure their customers that they stand behind all the products they sell.

With their fast shipping and constant updates in products, Swish Ideas is truly an example of how online stores should operate.

Only the Best Can Offer the Best

Briefly explain what you do and how you do what you do best.

My name is Dr. Chioma Agha and I run an online gift and souvenir store in Nigeria called Swish Ideas.

Swish Ideas is Nigeria’s premier online gift and souvenir company, bringing innovation and sophistication to the gifting industry.

Our strong points are wedding and corporate souvenirs as well as Christmas and Valentine hampers. What I have had to develop when building this business is resilience.

My passion for innovation drives me to keep churning out the best gifts, souvenirs and, of course, customer service.

It is a lot of hard work, not taking no for an answer and constantly seeking for ways to improve upon the consumers’ experience.

Tell us about the time that you decided to take the leap to follow your dream, passion, or your interest?

I have always been enterprising and would work on little projects from time to time.

I am a medical doctor by profession and after practicing for a little while, I decided to explore my enterprising nature and that is how this was birthed (well, to become a serious business that I would dedicate time and effort to building).

Who gave you the inspiration to pursue your dreams? What action did you take after?

I have always wanted to fully explore my enterprising nature, so I guess the time was just right.

Butterfly Effect to the People Around Us

How has this journey effected the lives of the people around you?

I believe it has impacted them positively. To see someone passionate about multiple things and dare to take the risks to accomplish it rather than conform to what society thinks you need to do.

Tell us about what you’re doing now and what you envision to do in five years.

I am basically focusing on dominating my niche market both online and offline.

In five years, I hope to have delved into manufacturing (encouraging home grown goods and reducing importations), control a significant market share in ecommerce in Nigeria, as well as encourage Intra-African trade.

If there was one thing that you could change in your past, what would that be and why?


I have come to realize that my past experiences have only made me wiser.

When dealing with negativity or setbacks, what types of strategies did you use to overcome them?

With setbacks, I have to stop and think!! One of my personal philosophies is that

“Challenges are brain exercises. You need to think”.

Once I employ this, I usually come up with a solution and this strengthens and prepares me for the next challenge.

As for negativity, the most important thing is to form a force field of positivity and prevent negativity from entering in the first place.

I tend to do this by reaffirming God’s promises for me (taken from the Bible) and surrounding myself with positive people.

Helpful Technology to Increase Productivity

What kind of technology are you using to increase your productivity and how has that impacted your life?
Social media. Social media is here to stay and has really helped to get our message across.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? What changed?

I actually wanted to be a lawyer! However, I was very good in sciences and decided to become a Medical Doctor. Now, I am both a medical doctor and an entrepreneur.

Where are you currently based? What are your plans to spread or expand your reach?

Lagos, but we deliver our products to all of Nigeria. We plan to have physical pick-up locations in other parts of the country,

Where do you think you see the industry headed to?

I believe the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is going to contribute significantly to the GDP of this country. It is here to stay.

People are catching on and most people want their business online.

What is your morning ritual?

Once I get up, I read my bible and pray, take my dog out and feed him, do my morning exercise (of course, sometimes I don’t do this), and get ready for the day.

As I get ready, I like to listen to inspirational audio books or gospel songs to reinforce my positivity shield. Once I get into the office, I create my “To Do List”.

This directs my day and makes sure I get the most out of the day.

Focus, Inspiration, and final Thoughts

How do you stay focused throughout your busy day?

Remembering why I started and where I want to be. That usually gets me back/keeps me on track.

If there is one person that you have the choice of spending your day with, who would that person be? Why?

Steve Jobs. It’s a pity he is dead.

He was such an inspiration to the tech world and Apple will not be Apple without him. His resilience and innovation speak to me.

Share your parting thoughts to our readers.

We live in a society that does not reward hard work.

It sometimes rewards mediocrity and ill-gotten heights. I, however, want to encourage everyone reading to remember that there is dignity in hard work.

Work hard, work smart, pray really hard, and God will open the doors at His own time. Be faithful with little things (whatever your position is….not everyone will own a business) so that God can put you in charge of Big things.

Stay focused and go achieve that dream! God bless and all the best.

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