Samson Adamu | Forget money for now. Be patient. Be persistent

Samson Adamu | Forget money for now.  Be patient.  Be persistent

Samson Adamu is a growing figure in the world of sports in Nigeria.

He has a strong passion for sports development and is an entrepreneur for that reason.  He is called “spunky” due to his original and energizing attitude which he shares with those around him.

Samson was featured recently on Ndani TV’s Young CEO and discuses his love of sports while sharing his motto:

“Forget money for now.  Be patient.  Be persistent.”

Samson is the CEO of Kinetic Sports, and founder of COPA Lagos, a sports tournament organization that is growing in popularity each year.

Passion for Sports and Business

Samson says that his passion for sports developed from the time he was a young child going to school.

This is seen through the extensive education that he got in sports, earning himself a Masters degree in Sports, which made him the second African to complete this particular Masters program.

It was considered the best Sports Master program in the world.  He completed his internship at Sports 5 and realized that he couldn’t imagine not working with sports as a career.

Kinetic Sports – Helping Develop Sports in Nigeria

Kinetic Sports started in 2007 and it took a while to gain momentum as sports were still relatively new and highly underdeveloped in Nigeria compared to the rest of the world.

COPA Lagos, however, was an organization that came from an idea he got while on vacation in Brazil.

He saw the way the teens played beach soccer and realized that it was a culture in itself.  He decided that he wanted to find a way to make sports come to Nigeria, and did it by presenting it as entertainment.

He shared the story that when he first tried to sell the idea of developing the sports world, the people he was talking to would look at him as if he were speaking an entirely foreign language.

Up until that point, sports had no central role or purpose.

COPA Lago not a Money Earner at First

In the years that COPA Lago has been produced, however, it has turned into a fantastic experience.

The organization didn’t earn a lot of money, but he shares that he saw and felt the satisfaction of the people around him and that was worth more to him than any amount of money.

In its growth, Samson has decided to try and bring sports into places where the youth need a purpose so they can grow up with goals and dreams of their own, just like Samson.

One example of this is when they clean up the entire beach before the tournament starts every year.  Celebrities are brought in and it becomes a big group activity to participate in.

This teaches youth that they need to take care of nature as well as it gives them something to do collectively and enjoy.

Inspiring Through Determination and Passion

Samson Adamu is a truly motivational person and everything he does is for those around him.

He shares his passion for sports and motivates others through a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

He is doing what he loves, and that is evident in the excellent, life-changing result that he inspires in those around him.


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