Resourcedat | Nigeria’s first free online Document, Information and Data Sharing Website.

Resourcedat | Nigeria’s first free online Document, Information and Data Sharing Website.

Oftentimes, people long for avenues to get proper and in depth materials to boost their work during research, school work, projects, or in their business dealings.

Resourcedat is a grounded platform where people can gather any of such documents and data that will be needed to make their work easier with in depth and accurate information at their beck and call.

Founded in 2010, precisely three years ago by Ugodre Obi-Chukwu, a chartered accountant who saw the need to make available a platform were documents and data can be shared.

The Idea that Sprung from Need

This idea sprung up during a research for his thesis which brought him to a discovery that there was no repository website for data in Nigeria were Nigerians could effortlessly get their hands on much needed information thus giving rise to a new platform to gather and collect information.

Resourcedat is an online library which shares first hand documents and data with the largest repository of free to download documents.

Molded from the desire to see that Nigerians from all walks of life gain access to documents and data required to carry out major decisions during work; this commendable website prides itself as being the first of its kind in Nigeria.

Diverse Types of Documents in One Place

The kind of documents that can be found on Resourcedat includes Business related documents, data & Statistics, Law & Regulations, Medicine, Politics, Oil & Gas, Finance as well as student commentary and at times, speeches made by Nigerian political figures.

As the case maybe, there is hardly any material or topic that cannot be found on the website that has not been covered as they cut across a wide range of sectors in Nigeria.

Resourcedat also strives in helping small businesses with professional services such as business plans, research, seminars, and financial planning to name a few.

People are also given an avenue to showcase their latest projects on the website and they also carry out bespoke research and gathering of documents for clients who specifically demand for it.

Longevity by Usefulness not an Accident

Resourcedat has been running for atleast three years and currently hosts over 3,000 downloadable documents mostly in PDF format.

This website is useful and highly recommended due to the fact that their services are free, they deal with different sectors and a wide range of people from different walks of life can benefit from it.

This is definitely one website to watch out for.

It is helping to grow the online resource information in Nigeria. One day, Nigerians may not have to go to library after library in search of information but instead the information will now be accessible right from your fingertips.

Monetizing the website based on the information being made available to the public is one thing that Resourcedat is working on.

It’s valuable work for Nigerians seeking reliable online resources is invaluable and I’m sure that someone will be willing to pay for those services based on ease and speed of access.

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