Entrepreneur Spotlight: Isaac Olowolafe, President and CEO of Dream Maker Corporation| Turning Dreams into Reality

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Isaac Olowolafe, President and CEO of Dream Maker Corporation| Turning Dreams into Reality

Starting young is often beneficial for entrepreneurs, and with good luck and appropriate guidance, the fruits of the efforts are far sweeter. Isaac Olowolafe started a part of his current business with the name ‘Dream makers Realty’ twelve years ago with guidance from his father who had already been in the real estate business for nearly 8 years. What was initially thought to be a family investment to buy properties, turned into a giant real estate asset management business over time.
A couple of years down the lane, Olowolafe acquired his license while he was in the second year of university (at University of Toronto) studying economics.
The previous decade has been a golden era for Dream Maker, going from a small brokerage firm to a joint venture wealth mgt company which constitutes dream fund holdings, property management co, dream maker management, and most recently, the dream maker developments.


Isaac Olowolafe has a family background of property dealership. Since a young age, he has been seeing his parents invest in properties in Nigeria and Toronto and got his intelligence in the industry watching his father work, initially as a real estate agent.
Olowolafe takes his inspiration firstly from his parents who have made many sacrifices for their kids to be successful. They moved to better localities where Isaac had a chance to be groomed into a successful individual and meet people who proved to be guided in his career.
The second inspiration was his then girlfriend, now wife, who has been a great support during tough times and is one of the integral parts of his prosperity.


The Idea of Success
According to Isaac Olowolafe, success does not mean merely earning more and living a luxurious life. The thirst for money is never quenched. In fact, for him, success is being able to provide for those associated to you and those in need. He has a regular practice of donating to the charitable organizations and Churches.
People call it success when one rise in status; he goes for a different definition altogether.

Waking up for a beautiful wife and three beautiful daughters is indeed a success. To be able to do something of value for those closest to you and to spend quality time is success. Providing knowledge and guidance to others so they don’t need another 12 years to learn the same by own experience is a success too.

The importance of education is not ignored by this young CEO in his early thirties. Education is the foundation which sets a platform for further learning in life. For real estate business, experience and practice are required but studying economics helped him to get a deeper insight into the operation of different economies and their impact on the market.
The business acumen acquired and the strength to move forward is phenomenal, and this is not it. There are more projects to come as Olowolafe tries to bring many dreams to reality. Fingers Crossed!

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