Olajumoke Adenowo | Face of Architecture in Nigeria

Olajumoke Adenowo | Face of Architecture in Nigeria

Olajumoke is a Nigerian architect who has devoted her life to giving back to the place that raised her to be the woman she is today.

She uses her status as an internationally known architect to help bring attention to the insufficient health system and lack of education in Nigeria, and never stops working to help change the way things are.

Origin Story of a Great Woman

Olajumoke was born in 1968 in Oyo State, Nigeria and is often described as the “face of architecture” in Nigeria.

She has many awards for her career and is well-known.

Olajumoke went to the University of Ife at the young age of 14 and graduated at the equally astonishing age of 19.

During her time there she won many awards for her work.

She graduated with a Bsc (Honours) and at the same time had the “record breaking distinction” in a Masters of Science in Architecture.

She is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School, The IESE Business School, and the University of Navarra.

Her Own Architecture Firm and Consultation Business

She developed her own international Architecture firm called AD Consulting.  In 2012 and 2013, AD Consulting was recommended by the British Chamber of Commerce for architectural services in Nigeria.

Olajumoke established the Awesome Treasures Foundation (ATF) in 1999.

This foundation was meant to have a positive impact on women as well as transform the lives of Nigerian children.

ATF is a non-governmental organization that helps transform leaders to positively change and affect Nigeria.

ATF  has been able to help provide primary education for children in Nigeria, provide basic health care, and even rescue over 100 girls that were at risk of sexual abuse.

The Story of a Renaissance Woman

On top of all of that, Olajumoke finds the time to host her own radio show called “Voice of Change on Leadership”.

She has written several books including Lifespring the Mothers’ Prayer Manual.

It is safe to say that Olajumoke is a successful woman on all accounts.  She is passionate about her work and always goes the extra mile to ensure the job gets done.

She also isn’t afraid of continuing on in her ambitious path either, having many more goals in the future that she’d like to accomplish.

Most of those goals revolve around providing for Nigeria and its people, ensuring they get media attention and all the benefits that go along with it.

Work Hard Now, Reap the Rewards Later

All-in-all, no one can argue that Olajumoke Adenowo is a slacker in any capacity.

She works hard for her customers – harder than a lot of modern day workers – and never stops until she gets to the goal that she originally had set for herself.

Olajumoke is a strong and fierce woman that loves just as fiercely.

She fights for what she believes in and encourage and inspire others around her with contagious, positive spirit. Her drive to achieve what seems impossible is formidable.

Olajumoke is a role model for women everywhere, but it is not only females that are inspired by her contagious spirit.

Olajumoke is one of those truly amazing women who inspires everyone no matter where she goes.

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