Konga | An Epic Journey

Konga | An Epic Journey

Konga.com is an online shopping website that claims to provide the best prices in Nigeria.

It also aims to provide an  extremely easy shopping experience with choices of paying through Cash on Delivery, Konga Wallet or Debit Card, all of which are highly processed through reliable and secure gateways.

From Banker to Entrepreneur

Konga was established in June 2012 by Sim Shagaya with a team of 10 staffers.

Sim Shagaya, Konga’s Founder was born in Nigeria, and pursued his MBA at the Harvard School of Business in the United State.

After graduation, he worked in South Africa at Rand Merchant investment bank just before his head back to Nigeria as Google Africa head.

He left Google to venture into OOH ad business with his startup e-motion.

After operating it for 6 years, he established DealDey in 2011, followed by Konga the second year. Sim a short while ago won the CNBC/All Africa Entrepreneur of the Year award, 2013.

Lessons Learned in Failure

Konga, DealDay and e-motion were successful startups that Sims gained traction on but Sim has had his share of downfalls as well.

He had created a dating website called Alarena which didn’t take off, and a job portal, with the name JobClan and this too was not successful.

Gbogbo, a classified posting site, was the next failed startup. Another one, iNollywood content streaming service was too early into the game and didn’t see any traction.

Now Sim Shagaya, CEO of Konga calls his present startup Konga “An Epic Journey”.

The Man with the Grand Vision

In one of his interview, he said

“American retail pioneer Sears, progressed mainly because it motivated rural Americans, I cannot simply target wealthy Africans and urban Africans and claim that I have succeeded.”

He is a man with a grand vision to build something impressive.

When buyers visit Konga.com and purchase, they receive a confirmation call from the staff.

At this startup stage of e-commerce market such actions build trust in people.

It guarantees the customers that behind the html and .php codes; there are people that are trying to satisfy, please and assist with just a press of a button.

The New Year started brilliantly at Konga, a Nigerian e-commerce startup which sells almost everything from mobile phones to books, washing machines, and refrigerators and delivers them in just 24 hours.

The big news was that Konga recently raised 25 million US dollars, which is said to have been the second largest single raised by any startup in the whole country.

Growth from Seed Funds

Within a couple of months of its launch, Konga brought up a seed fund of US$3.5 million from Kinnevik.

This was followed by $10 million US Dollars Series A round led by Naspers and Kinnevik. Naspers and Kinnevik were also the investors in the series B round.

The current $25 million US dollar round has placed the record as the largest single funding raised by any startup company in Africa.

On Konga.com, you can buy all your mobile phones, home appliances, electronics, fashion items, watches, shoes, games, televisions, books, washing machines, generators and more shipped to you in Nigeria.

Also you can get the latest Infinix phones, Blackberry phones, Android phones, Samsung galaxy phones.

They also carry the latest smart phones such as the Infinix Zero, iPhone 6, Blackberry Q5, Blackberry Z10, Blackberry Z3, Blackberry Z30, Samsung galaxy S5, Infinix Diamond X402, Curve 7 9320, Blackberry Q10, Spark v843 among several others.

Not Just Mobile Phones

You can as well get awesome deals on Laptops such as the HP 250 laptop, Dell Inspiron, Lenovo ThinkPad, ASUS Netbook Apple MacBook Pro and many more.

Konga has on average 100,000 monthly visitors at its site.

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