Jobberman | Need a Job? Post a Job?

Jobberman | Need a Job? Post a Job?

Jobberman is an employment website in Nigeria.

It connects the different talents and opportunities in Nigeria by creating a successful marketplace where job searchers and employers can communicate quickly and easily.

Results are taken from companies instantly, and users can apply directly from the website.

Job Generation is a Must

Jobberman is a solution to the problem of job search.

It’s an internet business which provides the widest pool of talent available in Nigeria to employers. Four years ago, if you needed a job, you had to go around physically to offices dropping your CVs, or buy a physical newspaper to see the jobs available in town.

Jobberman is at the forefront of making jobs info available as well as making job applications easy and simple to process and apply.

The site was founded by Ayodeji Adewunmi, Opeyemi Awoyemi, and Olalekan Olude; all were university students as at the time the organization was founded.

Student Founders with Identical Interests

They shared identical interest in technology and began Jobberman from a famous Nigerian university known as; Obafemi Awolowo University.

Olalekan Olude, Awoyemi, and Ayodeji Adewunmi have been close friends from their university days.

While Opeyemi and Olalekan studied Computer Engineering, Ayodeji is a properly trained medical doctor, but all three have usually shared a strong interest for internet business.

On top to the stress of school assignments and works, these group of friends worked hard on their internet dream.

Their plan was to change the way individuals look for jobs while providing employers a very simple but effective website to promote job vacancies and to discover the right talents to fill them.

No Competition at the Start

Nothing like this existed at that time and no one had done it before.

Would it work?

They didn’t know.

However, they went ahead at that time to develop Nigeria’s biggest job search website which now has over 1 million job hunters and 10,000 organizations registered so far!

The Jobberman idea was motivated by the success of, India’s leading job search website and the first Indian online business to be shown on the stock exchange.

At that time, had a market share estimated to be worth $1 billion.

Like MKazi in Kenya, mobile and internet solutions that solve lack of employment problems are increasing in popularity in Nigeria.

Making Things Easier

Since it was launched, has made it easier for more than 50,000 Nigerians to find their desired jobs.

The website is utilized by both local and international organizations to promote job vacancies and to identify the right candidate.

Seeing the massive potentials in this business style, Tiger Global, a New-York based fund with investment strategies on LinkedIn and Facebook invested in in 2011, a little fewer than three years just after it started.

The program now has a part in Ghana and plans to roll out around Africa in the future.
As for its name, one of the founders  said that a friend suggested the name and it sounded cool at that time and they decided to use it.

Joint Venture – The Nigerian Connection

In January 2010, the team came into an ideal equity joint venture with a Nigerian based start-up venture capitalist and incubator.

The team then relocated to Lagos in April 2010 and begun operating from No. 27 Kakawa Street inside the Central Business Centre of Lagos Island.

In August 2010, following a year of starting up the company, Tiger Global Management got into contact with the team and contracted to lead the ‘Series A’ investment and financing in the business.

Without a doubt, is an obvious market leader in the jobs category in the African continent.

Jobberman is ranked as the No. 3 Nigerian information and content website overall by Alexa and the No. 1 website in the jobs category by Alexa.

Running in all the main cities in Nigeria.

The company left a long record of industry awards and strategic partners with almost all Nigerian-based main media channels.

Jobberman is currently the biggest jobs website in sub-Saharan Africa in membership and traffic outside of South Africa.

Featured in Forbes and Other Institutions

In February 2012, Jobberman became the No. 8 in Forbes Magazine Top 20 Tech Start-ups in Africa

They were also featured in the recently published McKinsey Internet Report on Aspiring Countries as one of the Progressive Companies in Nigeria.

With efforts dedicated to marketing and research, Jobberman is without a doubt the top market spot for employment services and has “expanded online recruiting in Nigeria”.

In September 2011, Jobberman released the mobile version of its site; which also operates in Ghana.

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