iROKO Partners | Online Entertainment Provider

iROKO Partners | Online Entertainment Provider

irokoiROKO Partners in Lagos, Nigeria with offices in London is an online media distribution organization whose main focus is on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Founded  in 2010 by Bastian Gotter and Jason Njoku (CEO) together with investor Nazar Yasin. iROKO Partners provides a variety of online media products which includes its video streaming website known as iROKOtv targeted on Nollywood film productions, and ‘iROKING’, a Nigerian music streaming website.

Other website brand names are NollywoodLove, iROKtv and YorubaLove which work on the YouTube video website.

Simply Meeting the Demand

The idea was created out of the high and fast growing demand from customers for Nollywood movies.

iROKO partners originally set out to eliminate the large amount of piracy happening at the time it was founded; the piracy threatened to cripple the market.

Part of its iteration is the birth of  Yorubalove and Nollywoodlove, which received a major share of local YouTube views in 2011.

Only four months in to the business, Njoku had purchased the online legal rights to 500 films from 100 several one-man production houses.

Quickest Growing Internet Organization in Nigeria

The organization is the world’s biggest license holder and the top supplier of Nollywood videos (both Yoruba and English) online.

Tiger Global who was an earlier investor in Zynga and Facebook, has spent $8 million into iROKO.

iROKO Partners is currently the quickest-growing internet organization in Nigeria and is now YouTube’s largest African partner with distribution offers with iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo and Dailymotion,.

From Movies to Music Streaming

IROKING is a cost-free Nigerian music streaming website providing streaming of chosen music from a variety of African artists and labels.

Its website platform was introduced in December 2011 by iROKO Partners. Music can be streamed by direct searches, album, playlists and artist. The system is presently available using Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

iROKING also introduced mobile app for its music application on the Android, iOS, Symbian (Nokia) mobile handsets and Windows.

The app enables access to hundreds of the hottest Nigerian tracks and stream music over 3G and Wifi.

The iROKING mobile application’s functions include:

  • Favorite chosen songs
  • Create playlists and share them via Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrated ‘offline’ features that is: users can listen to favorite tunes offline.

Great Things are Brewing

There are great things brewing in the Nigerian online market and iROKU is setting the stage and pace for online movies and music.

The economic development impact for an emerging county like Nigeria could mean a lot to bringing and uplifting technology to bring about positive change.

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