Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mahmood Oyewo, Co-Founder of mobiQube

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mahmood Oyewo, Co-Founder of mobiQube

We had the opportunity to recently interview Mahmood Oyewo who is one of the co-founders of mobiQube.

In this session, we learned a lot about his past and what he hoped to accomplish in the very near future.

Interestingly enough, both their CEO and COO is named Oyewo. Is there a trend going on in the company?

You must be an Oyewo to either be a CEO or COO. On a serious note, mobiQube is experiencing growth in mobile technology.

Let’s dig into the questions and find out more about what is keeping MobiQube as a front runner in emerging Africa.

Giving Opportunities to People

About mobiQube: Based out of Nigeria, mobiQube is a multi-platform web and app design company.

For over four years, mobiQube has worked to give opportunities to organizations and companies that previously might not have had access to mobile technology.

By keeping on top of all the newest marketing, technology, and design trends, mobiQube is able to offer customizable development tools to those who need it, no matter their size or budget.

Briefly explain what you do and how you do what you do best?

MobiQube is the de-facto mobile and web applications solution provider for small and medium companies looking for software at a discounted price.

We offer services to companies who do not have the needed resources and funds to run a project, with options for them to run lean.

We also offer software, as our own products, which we promote and use to make revenues.

Inspiration and Leap of Faith

Tell us when you decided to take the leap to follow your dream, passion, or your interest?

We started this company when we saw the need for an indigenous mobile applications company.

In the past, when companies wanted to build web and mobile solutions, they were usually outsourced to foreign companies, specifically to India.

This cost many companies in Nigeria a lot of money spent outside the country.

We saw this at that time (late 2010 to early 2011) as an opportunity to create a startup strictly to offer such services at a cheaper price and even higher quality rendered.

We have built several mobile and web solutions since inception for companies and even in-house products, too.

Who gave you the inspiration to pursue your dreams? What action did you take after?

I take my inspiration from several local and international entrepreneurs. Some of which are Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mitchell Elegbe of Interswitch Nigeria.

Starting a company has always been a dream and what I believe and always tell people is when you discover an opportunity that has not been explored or that interests you, just start pursuing it.

“The secret of starting something is to actually START doing it”.

The Benefits of Your Business to other People

How has this journey effected the lives of the people around you?

Over the years, we have impacted several individuals and organizations with our myriad of products.

We have a product which we developed that has garnered over 20,000 users and counting.

Companies have made use and are satisfied with the products developed for them and several individuals have also benefited immensely from our work.

Tell us about what you’re doing now and what you envision to do in five years.

We are presently working on increasing our business line by introducing more products to the public. Our goal is to be a technology behemoth in Africa and a force to be reckoned with all over the world.

If there is one thing that you could change in your past, what would that be and why?

I cannot remember anything I would change in my past.

This is not saying I have had the perfect past, but I believe all things you do in the past are actually what shape you to who you are at present.

The most important thing is to be conscious of your presence so you don’t make silly mistakes that will become your past that you would want to change.

Negativity, Set Backs, and Productivity

When dealing with negativity or setbacks, what types of strategies did you use to overcome them?

Basically what I do when my mood is down or I encounter a little setback is I try to read about successful people and get to know what similar challenges were faced by them.

I then study how they overcame such challenges and tell myself I can do the same. Essentially, I read about success stories anytime I have a bad mood due to the challenges I am facing.

What kind of technology are you using to increase your productivity and how has that impacted your life?

Everyday computer tools are greatly useful in running a business. It’s so surprising, knowing all these little tools are so useful that we often overlook their importance.

I use Email Clients for my emails, a good and up-to-date Android phone (which I call “device”) to have on-the-go information, all Microsoft office tools, and so many that I cannot mention now.

All these tools keep me running as an entrepreneur I dream to be.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? What changed?

Like every other child, I wanted to be a doctor! lol..

But as I started understanding life, things changed and I started building passion for creating things.

I had this love for electronics, because I always wondered how they worked. This shifted my passion into general electronics and as computers started becoming popular, I wanted to be involved in their evolution.

I loved computers and the curiosity of how the worked led me to a lot of research work, even when I was in secondary school.

I learned how to program in my 5th year and started understanding some basic abstractions of how computers really functioned.

Finally, I studied Computer Engineering and the rest is what I am today and what I wish for myself in the future.

Expanding the Reach and Looking Ahead

Where are you currently based? What are your plans to spread or expand your reach?

We are currently based out of Lagos, Nigeria. Like every other company seeking growth, I want to expand to other parts of Nigeria, and then spread my tentacles to other countries in Africa.

Where do you think you see the industry headed to? 

I am a serious advocate for the ICT industry, especially here in Nigeria. The opportunities in this market are countless and ever evolving. There are so many fields to explore and so many others yet to be explored. I think the industry has reached a turning point in Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, and will surely catch up with other developed parts of the world very soon.

What is your morning ritual?

When I wake up every morning, after saying my prayers, I write down my to-do list for the day and have a 10 minute meditation on my way to work. Then I take breakfast and commence the day’s work.

How do you stay focused throughout your busy day?

First, by having a to-do list every day and forcing myself to actualize the list before that day runs out. I cross out all task completed and penalize myself for those not actualized.

If there is one person that you could spend your day with, who would that person be? Why?

Any great entrepreneur alive today would be my choice. Well, maybe Richard Branson or Elon Musk. I value those two greatly for their innovative spirits and persistence.

Share your parting thoughts to our readers.

Two things:

  1. Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing very well.
  2. The secret to starting anything at all is to actually START it.

These two statements are what keep me going and encourage me to keep doing things. I hope it will also impact you, too.

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