Entrepreneur Spotlight: Larry Alebiosu | Owner of Fashion International

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Larry Alebiosu | Owner of Fashion International

“When you have discipline and you are determined to do something, there is nobody that can take you from what you want to do.”

image1Larry Alebiosu is the founder and owner of Fashion International: a retail, design and manufacturing specialty clothing store for men that has been in business for 25 years. Customers range from athletes such as football and basketball players to preachers and the local businessman. Larry Alebiosu began humbly, first selling clothing straight from his truck at a mechanic shop to later tailoring for Barry Sanders from the Detroit Lions who introduced him to an array of football players and sports clientele. Larry Alebiosu says,

“Making clothes for people that are difficult to fit—that is our niche.”

Fashion International is for anybody who is looking for something special or for those who can’t seem to find what they are looking for. It provides suits, coats, shirts, shoes, and anything else that can be custom made.

Larry Alebiosu shares with us his story on how he started his business and how he is now opening up businesses in Nigeria, applying his knowledge and experience that he acquired in America in order to benefit the people he left back home.

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