Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelo Okeke, Founder of GIDDIMINT

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelo Okeke, Founder of GIDDIMINT

We all came from a fabric of our story.

How that fabric unravels in front of us or how it comes together to make one big story is always fascinating to Naija Enterprise.

Kelo is in the midst of his fabric coming together to blow our minds away. Have you seen the street gear on his site?

If there is ever such a thing as design simplicity and loudness combined into one, this is where Gidimint intersects.

With the clean lines and fresh colors, Kelo has infused Western and African style to make up for what is elegant, chic and urbanesque.

Answers to Our Rapid 15Q’s

Kelo recently shared his answers to our rapid 15 Qs and the answers just may surprise.

He connected back to his soul and brought out his dreams to follow his passion. It is a story of many entrepreneurs who have taken the risk to write their own story.

In Kelo’s story, he strives to be a fulfilled man at the end of the day. Isn’t that what many of us look for? A purpose driven mission to get us fired up every morning and ready to do it again the next day.

Take a moment and get to know Kelo and we invite you to visit his dream, which is now a reality, GIDDIMINT.

Creativity and a Fresh Approach

Briefly explain what you do and how you do what you do best?

My name is Kelo and I am the founder and a creative director for Giddimint.

Giddimint is an ecommerce store for indigenous urban wear. We have created a platform for streetwear brands that we’re previously “underground” to reach a larger audience/customer base. You find the freshest gear on our site.

Tell us about the time that you decided to take the leap to follow your dream, passion or your interest?

I started Giddimint in 2011 on the side because I had a day job as an IT professional but decided to take the leap of faith in 2013 to focus on it full time. The handwriting had been on the wall for a while.

Who gave you the inspiration to pursue your dreams? What action did you take after?

I lost my dad late 2011 and during the episode, I had cause to visit the morgue. It hit me that I’d be laying on that slab at some point too.

I didn’t want to lay there with my dreams inside. I spent the whole of 2012 growing Giddimint and made the move in 2013 when I felt the stars had aligned in my favor.

How has this journey affected the lives of the people around you?

Being an entrepreneur affects the lives of the people around you adversely in my opinion. You’re rarely physically available and you’re probably absent minded when you are (physically available).

Looking Ahead to the Future and Changing the Past

Tell us about what you are doing now and what you envision to do in five years.

We are positioning the Giddimint brand to be the focal point for indigenous streetwear in Africa. We will be the Mecca for that cool African vibe in 5 years.

If there is one thing that you can change in your past, what would that be and why?

I don’t think I’d change anything. Everything that happened got me here.

When dealing with negativity or setbacks, what types of strategies did you use to overcome them?

I never take negativity seriously.

I deal with setbacks by focusing on the previous setbacks I’d had in the past and how I overcame them. This hasn’t failed me.

What kind of technology are you using to increase your productivity and how has that impacted your life?

I’m very particular about aesthetics. It’s got to look right, sound right and feel right for me to be productive. Apple does it for me.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? What changed?

I never knew what I wanted to be growing up.

I still largely do not know what I want to be. I’m just working towards dying a fulfilled man.

Location and the Future of the Industry

Where are you currently based out of? What are your plans to spread or expand your reach?

We are currently based in Lagos and cover the 36 states in Nigeria.

Where do you think you see the industry headed to? 

The industry is growing.

There literally wasn’t an industry when we started back in 2011 but we have managed to galvanize the various brands and showed them the potential in the streetwear industry.

We have brands today with the potential to grow into mega brands in the future.

What is your morning ritual?

I’m most productive in the morning. I wake up, hit my home office, do some work and then leave home when the hectic Lagos traffic must have cleared up.

How do you stay focused throughout your busy day?

Music helps me stay focused. I need solitude to focus and I rarely get that at the office so I have to filter the world out with great quality headphones and some Showdem Camp, J.Cole or Logic.

Experience and Conclusion

If there is one person that you have the choice of spending your day with, who would that person be? Why?

My father.

He died a few months after I started Giddimint so I never got the opportunity to tap into his extensive wealth of experience in business.

Share your parting thoughts to our readers.

You have got to go for what you believe in.

Do not expect validation from others before you start. Do not expect validation after you start. You do not need validation from anyone.

Being an entrepreneur is super hard and you should be willing to sacrifice all you have in pursuit of your goal.

Money, love, friendship, time. Even that doesn’t guarantee success.

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