Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emeka Mbadiwe “Birthing an idea into a business”

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emeka Mbadiwe “Birthing an idea into a business”

One year ago, there was a man whose passion and commitment towards his purpose led him to an epiphany, one that would require him to pursue his dream full time. Call it however you want to but Emeka Mbadiwe took the leap and stepped out of his comfort zone to start living an extraordinary life. What was once pages of words, strung into sentences, converted in meaningful thought and catalyze by his will became a reality. He became what  the many motivational authors that he has read so devoutly, a life coach.

Being a life coach is a new phenomenon but it is not a new concept. For years, business minded and eager individuals flock to bookstores to buy self-improvement books to deepen and broaden their horizons. For others, they attend seminars or workshops to help them transform themselves into something more, something better. One would only have to watch Emeka’s Facebook postings, and you tube videos to understand the impact he has had on the people that he touched. His audience is primarily the youth, which is considered one of the most vulnerable demographic in our society today. He dishes out thought provoking conversations that ignites and illicit reactions across the board. Be it good or bad, you can’t deny his solid following of over 50k.

We recently sat with the man who is unafraid to raise the questions that most people shy away from, race, bullying and violence to name a few. His approach is unconventional because he looks at those issues from a different lens that is devoid of the usual emotional uproar normally associated with such hot button topics. He asks his audience to consider it from a different perspective and takes them a step further to encourage them to replace negative with positive. He spits his words fiercely and quickly in order to deliver succinct and impactful message that is free from vulgar language.

So how does Emeka maintains his courage, his stance and his ability to motivate others? He chooses to be motivated by people like Les Browns, Brendon Burchard and Brenden Carter. I was listening earlier to another speaker and what she said resonated so distinctly in what Emeka is doing. He surrounds himself with positive and strong individuals in order to stretch his hand across to help young people stay motivated. You can only fight bad with good and to be good, you need to surround yourself with good. An additional observation whose pattern repeats itself regularly among successful people is their daily morning routine. They wake up with a purpose. For Emeka, he listens to motivational messages to get his engine going and takes care of himself physically by incorporating exercise into his morning routine. During this time, he also prepares his to do list that he needs to tackle for the day so he knows how his day is going to unfold. Mark Twain once said , “Success is when opportunity meets preparation”. This phrase has been a remarkable reminder for many people that strives to get to the intersection where the right actions will deliver the success that is sought heavily by many. Emeka is no exception to the rule, he understands the painstaking tasks needed to develop habits that will carry him to the path to success. He lives his life with no regret and focuses on sharpening the knife daily.

In his parting words, Emeka talks about the importance of building relationships and expanding your network until you no longer have to introduce yourself, demonstrating your talent and lastly, building a legacy that influences people in such a way that it would be impossible for them to say no to your request. Those are definitely not easy feat, it may even take a lifetime for some of us to get to that peak but however long it takes, focus on today to get to your destination tomorrow.

About Emeka:

Emeka Mbadiwe is a Filmmaker, Speaker, Author and Life Coach. He speaks on issues concerning the youth and motivates people to reach their highest potential.

He has studied the science of achievement and is in the process of mastering it. Specializing in topics such as motivation, and self-improvement, Emeka has brought his strong, enthusiastic, engaging and comedic energy to thousands of people over the years.

Emeka energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them.

Some of his video messages have gained millions of on Social Media and hundreds interact with him regularly on Facebook.

Emeka is also a Creative Filmmaker who creates films that inspire people to have hope.



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