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Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Isaac Olowolafe, President and CEO of Dream Maker Corporation| Turning Dreams into Reality

Starting young is often beneficial for entrepreneurs, and with good luck and appropriate guidance, the fruits of the efforts are far sweeter. Isaac Olowolafe started a part of his current

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5 Minutes with Technology Investor Freddie Achom

Meet the Nigerian-born British Technology Investor and Venture Capitalist Freddie Achom. 1. Briefly explain what you do and what led you to this industry/ business? I am an investment entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Larry Alebiosu | Owner of Fashion International

“When you have discipline and you are determined to do something, there is nobody that can take you from what you want to do.” Larry Alebiosu is the founder and

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kenny Akinwale | Owner of Detroit Seafood Market

“You constantly have to move, constantly have to reinvent yourself, constantly have to challenge yourself—it’s easy to get comfortable.” These words of wisdom come from local Detroit businessman and entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Emeka Mbadiwe “Birthing an idea into a business”

One year ago, there was a man whose passion and commitment towards his purpose led him to an epiphany, one that would require him to pursue his dream full time.

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi | Author of “What Color is Your Money” and Host of Impact Africa

“Live on purpose, and let that purpose be driven by your desired destination.” These are words that Tope Ganiyah Fajingbesi left us with as we finished our conversation about her

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelo Okeke, Founder of GIDDIMINT

We all came from a fabric of our story. How that fabric unravels in front of us or how it comes together to make one big story is always fascinating

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Startup Spotlight: Dr. Chioma Agha, Founder of Swish Ideas | Nigeria’s premier online gift and souvenir company

They may not have this in mind but they surely deliver products at lighting speed. Swish ideas cater to what customers need and want. They often come out on top

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews Startups

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mahmood Oyewo, Co-Founder of mobiQube

We had the opportunity to recently interview Mahmood Oyewo who is one of the co-founders of mobiQube. In this session, we learned a lot about his past and what he hoped to