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Career Spotlight: Professor Pius Adesanmi | An Ambidextrous of Academics and Politics

Young and dynamic, Professor Pius Adesanmi is a popular name in academia these days. He is a professor, a writer, and a learner who never misses out on any opportunity

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Career Spotlight: Adeola Fayehun Producer of Keeping It Real | Making African News Interesting Again

“You can never be perfect as a journalist, I think it’s a matter of giving it your all, when you give it your all, people see it and appreciate it.”

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Career Spotlight: Jelani Aliyu | Automobile Designer

“Whenever I design my vehicles I try to capture that spirit of African wilderness, and I think that’s what translates into these very powerful sports cars.” Jelani Aliyu is an

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Career Spotlight: Sam Ekong | Engineer Turned Politician Shares His Transition

You don’t deal with people in the former, it requires more technicality in the public sector! An engineer by profession and an author, Sam Ekong councilman of Northville shares his