Career Spotlight: Sam Ekong | Engineer Turned Politician Shares His Transition

Career Spotlight: Sam Ekong | Engineer Turned Politician Shares His Transition

You don’t deal with people in the former, it requires more technicality in the public sector!

An engineer by profession and an author, Sam Ekong councilman of Northville shares his success story about how he got the position where he is privileged to be today. Having had the advantage of living with his parents till his early twenties, he calls it the beauty of his story that unfolds because that has defined and molded him into the person he is today. Having a passion for automobiles led to a greater passion for engineering, he seized the opportunity and luckily got the government scholarship in his early twenties to study in the USA. Publishing papers during his bachelors and masters program motivated him to write a book. His interest in current affairs and a fine writing career inspired him to enter politics himself. Contesting the elections was not backed by any guarantee whatsoever but he became the councilman for the city of Northville.

There were, challenges associated with moving out of the corporate world and entering the more competitive world of politics. High cynicism about politics is the reason why many individuals do not opt for public service. But with a beautiful city and concentration of educated individuals in the communities of Michigan it wasn’t hard as compared to what would have been the case in some other city, for Sam Ekong. However, it does come with a package of challenges and opportunities both, trying to serve people with diverse interests and differences of opinion require a lot of balance and could be tricky. People pleasing is not what has to be the focus of a public service personnel, as long as you’re satisfying a majority of people you’re doing a good job.

He encourages the young generation to move towards the public sector, the world is facing issues and generations are changing thus the ways of government need to be revamped for a better country because young blood is definitely the future of America.

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