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Young and dynamic, Professor Pius Adesanmi is a popular name in academia these days. He is a professor, a writer, and a learner who never misses out on any opportunity to grow. His education and upbringing is the gift from his parents (teachers trained in traditional missionary background) and the surroundings motivated him towards such intellectual interests.

His education and career have been part of an intellectual journey that led him to a dalliance with philosophy, French literature, and African literature to name a few. He has such a flair for French that he used to create characters in French and used to speak so much of it that his friends used to joke about it.

Francophone and Anglophone have been integral parts of his work after PhD, which also included translating French novels along with teaching. African literature always inspired him for its diverse nature.

His books contain titles that are both inspirational and unique. When asked about how he comes up with them, he gives a surprising answer – they’re more like a revelation to him. For him, two tasks are the most difficult, titles and writing the first paragraph. Titles are often the first thought that wakes him up and he knows this is it.

His entire career has not been about seeking intellectual stimulation but also to inspire ideas in the generations of present and future. According to him, the young minds in Nigeria need to be taught about success and the goals they need to achieve in order to be successful. The youth thinks that being a commissioner means you are successful, but they need to be taught how to be content with their abilities and how to set their own distinctive goals. Everything does not have to be tied to government appointments and public offices. Changing this mentality is tricky, thus it has to be done carefully with sound reasoning and logic.

Success is being content with your life, with the goals you have achieved and what you have been blessed with. Sadly, in Nigeria success, may be defined as the ability to put food on the table. Change of perceptions has to be achieved on an individual level first and that’s how general perceptions of people change.

Professor Pius Adesanmi believes that there would come a point where every Nigerian would be successful and satisfied with their lives for who they are and what they have done.

People often don’t invest in themselves which is a great drawback; to know one’s potential and smarts is important in terms of personal and professional growth. The new generation has to look for role models, the lack of which makes them directionless. They should look for the generations prior to them who were raised with certain moral standards, discipline, and integrity. Today’s youth does not have to be mere cell phone carrier, mouthpieces or a generation of personal assistants; they need to embark on a journey to discover the hidden talents in them.

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