Burning Your Bridges to Grow a Business

Burning Your Bridges to Grow a Business

Have you ever considered burning your bridges to grow a business?

The point of no return happens for many of us when we have done something extremely irrevocable.

In navigation, this happens when the flight can no longer go back to the airfield because of its fuel.

There is not enough fuel that turning back is going to have negative consequences.

Burning Bridges in Business

In business, when we have limited resources, we look to see how those resources will be allocated to prevent a point of no return.

We may not be able to go back to renegotiate contracts or reallocate investments or for some, rebuild the business because of choices that brought us to the point of no return.

Ironically, Jason Njoku, Iroko’s founder and partner, has turned a negative into a positive.
What seemed logical and rational for a growing company who has posted more than 50% revenue increases is to stay on its path of its growth trajectory.

But Njoku and his partner are not the logical type.

Breaking New Ground in the Market

They are after all entrepreneurs poised to deliver a groundbreaking product beyond the US market.

No guts, no glory right? Well that is what they did.

They took all the guts that can be mustered and walked away from a revenue stream that was feeding all of them.

They chose to be uncomfortable.

They sought what was resisted by it’s equity shareholders or even it’s employees. When you are the captain of your ship, you have to see beyond the tip of the iceberg.

You have to look deeper and see things for the way they are.

So despite a growing revenue, Njoku halted its downstream revenue channels that have delivered happy and satisfied shareholders to swim upstream because if they fail to capture the market by which Iroko was founded and built, they may in fact miss the boat.

Persistence, Determination, Grit

City by city, person by person, Njoku and his team goes out to evangelize and spread the word.

They took their resources, got out of the weeds and rose to look at the bigger picture which is Nigeria; home to the fastest growing market in the world, whose middle class is being built and where technological advancements are being made.

Their bet is on Lagos.

Focus on Lagos and the pieces to the puzzle will come together.

The work is tough.

It’s like being back to the old days of long hours, small incremental victories on hurdles of challenges, but Njoku’s team is anything but dissuaded.

It almost feels like the laser-like focus brought on by this new challenge revived and energized the organization.

Now that they know what needs to be done, everyone rolled up their sleeves and focused on the victory.

After all, there will be no boats or bridges to go back to. There is only one way out, win.

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