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Career Spotlight: Professor Pius Adesanmi | An Ambidextrous of Academics and Politics

Young and dynamic, Professor Pius Adesanmi is a popular name in academia these days. He is a professor, a writer, and a learner who never misses out on any opportunity

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Isaac Olowolafe, President and CEO of Dream Maker Corporation| Turning Dreams into Reality

Starting young is often beneficial for entrepreneurs, and with good luck and appropriate guidance, the fruits of the efforts are far sweeter. Isaac Olowolafe started a part of his current

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5 Minutes with Technology Investor Freddie Achom

Meet the Nigerian-born British Technology Investor and Venture Capitalist Freddie Achom. 1. Briefly explain what you do and what led you to this industry/ business? I am an investment entrepreneur

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Career Spotlight: Adeola Fayehun Producer of Keeping It Real | Making African News Interesting Again

“You can never be perfect as a journalist, I think it’s a matter of giving it your all, when you give it your all, people see it and appreciate it.”

Be Inspired! Career Spotlight

Career Spotlight: Jelani Aliyu | Automobile Designer

“Whenever I design my vehicles I try to capture that spirit of African wilderness, and I think that’s what translates into these very powerful sports cars.” Jelani Aliyu is an

Career Spotlight Interviews

Career Spotlight: Sam Ekong | Engineer Turned Politician Shares His Transition

You don’t deal with people in the former, it requires more technicality in the public sector! An engineer by profession and an author, Sam Ekong councilman of Northville shares his

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Larry Alebiosu | Owner of Fashion International

“When you have discipline and you are determined to do something, there is nobody that can take you from what you want to do.” Larry Alebiosu is the founder and

Entrepreneur Spotlight Interviews

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kenny Akinwale | Owner of Detroit Seafood Market

“You constantly have to move, constantly have to reinvent yourself, constantly have to challenge yourself—it’s easy to get comfortable.” These words of wisdom come from local Detroit businessman and entrepreneur


Congratulations To All Nigerians – A New Dawn In Our Beloved Country

I am immensely grateful to God Who Has preserved us to witness this day and this occasion. Today marks a triumph for Nigeria and an occasion to celebrate her freedom

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We All are Architects of Our Own Future by Bisila Bokoko

As 2015 marks my 15th year anniversary in business, allow me to share with you the main highlight of my career: transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur. What a jump! ​Opportunity